University of Basrah Organizes Seminar on Electronic Blackmail


University of Basrah/ College of Education for Pure Sciences in cooperation with the police headquarters organized a seminar on electronic blackmail with the participation of a number of university lecturers and students.

The seminar aims to consolidate the province security, to explain the causes of electronic blackmail, to address the perpetrators of these acts and clean the community from this phenomenon.

The seminar included an explanation of blackmail effects on the individual, the family, and the society and how to avoid falling in blackmailing, as well as the methods that should be followed when falling into such a type of blackmailing.

The seminar concluded that the causes of electronic blackmailing are low educational level, lack of awareness, misuse of technology provided by the Internet and social networking, uploading personal images on social networking sites, e-mail, and family disintegration.

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