University of Basra Holds Seminar to Study Copepods Group in Iraqi Seawater


College of Education for Pure Sciences at the University of Basrah held a seminar to study the Copepods group in the Iraqi seawater, environmentally and taxonomic terms.

The seminar aimed to identify Copepods group which located within the searching area and try to complete taxonomic lists down to the rank of gender, type and identifying endemic species in the regional waters of each group. As well as to determine the dominant and rare species, peak seasons and it's relation to the reproduction periods as well as the environmental conditions changing by months.

The seminar dealt with the study of a Zooplankton group known as Copepods in the Iraqi seawater as one of the most important types of small-scale aquaculture floating or drifting in fresh and salt water. which has a limited capacity to horizontal migration, it also plays an important role in the environmental system as being considered the pathways of energy Some of them are the guidance of salinity.

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