University of Basrah participates in Dialogue Seminar of Iraqi Parliament Council about Drugs


Basrah University participated in a seminar held by the Iraqi Parliament Council / Basrah Governorate Office on the phenomenon of drug abuse while the university continues its efforts in this field to rid society of drugs.

The seminar, entitled "Drug Abuse Phenomenon, Addiction and Ways of Controlling It in Basrah province", aims at defining drugs, types, and methods of abuse, and the drugs negative impact on the individual health and its effects on society and the social causes that lead to drug addiction.

The seminar recommended the establishment of special centers for the treatment of drug addicts in Basrah province and the need to train specialized staff to work in drug-treatment centers that should be established in Basrah province, in addition to conducting studies and researches on drug addiction phenomenon and starting preventing programs of drug addiction phenomenon in order to reduce it from spreading.

The seminar also stressed the need for ongoing outreach of youth for fear of being dragged into this harmful scourge. Basrah University continues to organize dozens of seminars to control drugs and protect the community.

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