University of Basrah Organizes a Symposium on (Biorhythm in humans)


The Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology at the University of Basrah organized a symposium on Biorhythm in humans.

The seminar was organized by Dr. Zuhair Salem Abdul Razzaq with a participation of a number of faculty staff to acknowledge the "Biorhythm", the history of its scientific circulation, its most important types and its mechanism of calculating as one of the modern sciences which deals with the vital cycles of the nature of all living organisms.

The symposium included discussing the most important scientific and practical applications of biochemical studies around the world and methods of ensuring the human harmony with internal and external rhythms and the optimal use of his capacity as well as the discussion of rhythms with a positive response.

The symposium concluded that the vital rhythm of more than (400) functions of the human body, which formed the tipping point of scientists interest to study this modern science.

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