University of Basrah organizes Seminar on Evaluating Quality Characteristics of Edible Cellulose Membranes


The Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Basrah organized a seminar on the evaluation qualitative, microbial and antioxidant characteristics of edible cellulose membranes, with the addition of aromatic thyme oil.

The seminar included a lecture presented by the researcher Safa Ali Al-Abadi, who highlighted the production of eco-friendly casings using the spin-offs of wheat, studying its mechanical, antioxidant, and microbiological properties as well as confirming its efficiency in preserving food for long periods using natural materials such as aromatic thyme oil.

The seminar concluded that samples coated with composite cellulose membranes gave the best results compared to non-coated samples or coated with simple cellulose membranes.

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