University of Basrah organizes Annual Festival on Herbal Antioxidants


Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Basrah organized its annual festival on herbal antioxidants in cooperation with the researchers and specialists.

The festival named (Healing Herbal) dealt with the importance of antioxidants, despite the existence of antioxidants within the human body, the continuous exposure of the body to the different environmental conditions as well as to the pollutants leads to increase the radicals which increase the body's need for an antioxidants as supplements, such as turmeric, broccoli, and others.

The festival presents herbal remedies and their importance, herbal mixtures traded in the markets and perfumers stores, excessive use without knowing the appropriate dosage for the body's need, and its side effects.

The festival, also, was distinguished by the green pharmacy, which included a database of medicinal herbal plants that used in traditional medicine and the validity of these herbs to be used for some diseases, in addition to reviewing some natural plants, books, medicines and companies products for natural oils, dates, and honey.

The head of Drugs and Medicinal Plants department, Dr. Ola Mohammed Noor, mentioned that the festival included a presenting the department's products of essential oils, in addition to presenting the student's products such as natural soap and herbal cosmetics.


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All rights reserved to Basrah University © 2018

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