Basrah University celebrates its Fifty-two Founding Anniversary


  Basrah University organized a central celebration on the occasion of its 52nd founding anniversary with local and regional attendance.

  University President Dr. Sajid Saad Al-Noor mentioned that the university has achieved great scientific progress and recovered its position among the developed world universities in the international universities classifications scales.

  Al-Noor declares that we recall today the first generation of university professors who laid this scientific edifice in Basrah province, which remained an outstanding resource for science, knowledge, and a source to supply working area of young people energy armed with experience and knowledge.





Al-Noor showed that Basrah University produced tens of thousands of scientific energies, not quite a few of them has contributions to the scientific research and libraries of the world. The university president added "through this occasion, we are taking determination and insistence to continue giving despite the challenges. We also seek to open dialogue and partnership with all scientific institutions inside and outside Iraq in order to reflect Basrah University message in transferring knowledge and develop of human capabilities, As well as university's role as one of the engines of the community awareness and thus provides the basic lines of the comprehensive development which is needed by the country.

  The ceremony included speeches of the guests in which they praised Basrah University and its contribution to the advancement of the governorate and the country in addition to the scientific research provided by university professors and researchers in various fields touching by citizen’s needs.

  The event witnessed the establishment of cultural, social, and scientific events as well as exhibitions to present scientific and artistic productions. The Basrah University was founded in 1964 within four faculties in Basrah (Arts, Law, Science, and Engineering) and began its first academic year on 24, October of 1964, in which it was a part of Baghdad University at that time, and these four colleges were the first nucleus of Basrah University which was independent in all of its affairs from Baghdad University in 1967.


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