University of Basrah Organizes Symposium on Genetic Diseases, Their Causes & Preventing Methods

The Faculty of Education in Qurna organized a symposium on the genetic diseases and their causes and preventing methods with the participation of researchers and specialists.

The symposium aims to identify genetic diseases and classify them to the most prominent types and how to inherit these diseases as well as to give examples of the most prominent genetic diseases in each species.

The symposium divided genetic diseases into types that belong to a single gene. They may be complete (simple) dominance or recessive one and explain how they are inherited. The other type is the diseases caused by multiple genes, notably stress and diabetes.

The symposium also included a lecture presented by Dr. Hassna Amer Mahous, during which the diseases caused by the inheritance of Mitochondria and the mother impact in transferring such type of qualities, pointing to another type caused by reduction in the number of chromosomes or composition, most notably Darwin syndrome.


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