Advisory Board of Basrah University meeting


The newly established Advisory Board of Basrah University which includes senior academics from Iraq and foreign countries has held its second meeting on Thursday 30th May 2019. The meeting was headed by the Chancellor of University of Basrah Prof. Dr. Sajid Saad Hasan.
Participants from USA, UK, Sweden and Iraq have come together via a video conference meeting to discuss issues related to the advancement of University of Basrah.
Agenda of the meeting includes the foundation of a creativity unit and enhancement of scientific research through international collaboration. The meeting has also discussed approaches for promoting scientific publications and raising Basrah University rank in the International ranking sites.
Members from aboard of Iraq:
1- Kamal Field Fredrik, Professor, Advisor, Ministry of Finance in Iraq, UK
2- Adil Yousif Al-Handal, Professor , University of Gothenburg, Sweden
3- Mustafa Habib Al-Shawi, Professor, University of Salford, UK
4- Angela Wulff, Professor, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
5- Jennifer R. Pournelle, Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina, USA
6- Jeffrey Layton Ullman, Assistant Professor, University of Utah, USA

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