Researching Team at The University of Basrah Published Research in International journal Included in Index of Scopus Categor

Research team at the University of Basrah has published a research in an international journal included in index of Scopus category 

    Dr. Osama Ayob, Dr. Zeinab Haroun and Dr. Ban Majid Ali, lecturers at Pharmacy College /University of Basra have published a paper entitled (Drug Interactions of Pracetol, Omega-3 and Vitamin C) in Journal of Basic and Clinical Physiology /Germany ,with an impact factor (1.01)and included  in index of Scopus  . The study has showed that despite the low side effects of paracetamol ,its availability as an over-the-counter medicine and how it is widely used in the world as an analgesic or antipyretic,it's uses in high doses make the patients at risk of hepatotoxicity .

The study was also designed to assess the effect of vitamin C and omega-3 on the pharmacokinetics of paracetamol, where six volunteers participated in the study after taking the ethical approvals and the approval of the College of Pharmacy at the University of Basra.The study included three consecutive periods, each preceded by fasting at night and separating six days between each period. 
The results showed that there was a significant effect in the absorption of paracetamol when administered with vitamin C ,compared with other groups ,and no significant effect in the absorption was observed after 120, 90, 60 and 30 minutes, thus concluding that vitamin C increased the absorption of paracetamol when taken together.  The study has concluded that taking paracetamol with  may lead to an increase in the absorption furthermore may expose the patient to the side effects of increased concentration of paracetamol, especially in patients with liver problems.


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