University of Basrah publishes the first issue of the newsletter (Theater and City)

Cultural Center at Basrah University published the first issue of the weekly newsletter (Theater and City), within the curriculum of the cultural and creative project launched by the center in the middle of this month.

The issue starts with speech of University Basrah President, Dr. Saad Shahin Hammad, who stressing from his side the necessity of advancing the reality of the theater, which has witnessed a decline in recent decades as a result of wars and conflicts, he also calls for the preservation of this art as an essential platform for culture and improvement of taste, contributes significantly in renaissance of peoples and nations

This issue aims to introduce activities that set up to revive theater art in Basrah, which suffers from the absence of public attendance and lack of support, it is also included Cultural Center activities such as, the establishment of training workshops, meetings and theatrical.

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