University of Basrah organizes a seminar on management methods of soil and water in coping with the problem of salinity south of Basrah

salinityPalms Research Center at Basrah University organized a seminar on methods used in reducing the negative impact of salinity of soil and water south of Basrah.

The seminar, presented by Dr. Abdul Rahman Dawood Saleh, aims to find solutions to treat saline soils through the use of improvers, coverage, washing and organic fertilizers in addition to measuring the salinity of irrigation water.

The workshop included discussing procedures to dealing with saline irrigation water like using rotation methods such as drip irrigation with tourist irrigation or rotation of freshwater with saline, using water mixing method and reducing irrigation interval as well as selecting the appropriate type and method of irrigation.

After discussing the results of scientific tests of some selected soil samples that suffer from the negative impact of high salinity, the seminar recommended, cultivating certain crops that have the ability to tolerate that salinity, and the use of hormonal catalysts by spraying seeds before planting has had a significant effect in increasing crop imports as well as in soaking them with saline solutions where the results recorded a 30% increase in yield.

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