University of Basrah discusses isolation and diagnosis of stem cells from the bone marrow of mice

MatrixCollege of Veterinary Medicine at Basrah University Discussed isolation, diagnosis, and differentiation of stem cells taken from the bone marrow of mice.
The seminar presented by Dr. Azil Nasser Badr included isolation for stromal cells from the bone marrow of a number of laboratory mice aged (4-8) weeks and then diagnosed using ICC method and differentiation with cartilage cells using a differential milieu.
The seminar aimed to isolate the stem cells from the bone marrow without the use of isolation fluids, as well as the diagnosis of stem cells using differentiation groups CD44 and CD34, in addition to the differentiation of stem cells into cartilaginous cells using a grassy milieu.
The seminar recommended isolating stem cells from other sources, such as adipose tissue, using the QCR method to quantify gene expression, as well as using 3D Matrix to determine cell viability and cartilage formation.

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