Scientific study at the University of Basrah on the legislative situation of the residential sector in Iraq

College of Law at the University of Basrah prepared a scientific study on the legislative situation of the housing sector in Iraq. The study preparation committee consisted of Dr. Batoul Majeed, Wahaj Khudair, and Aseel Omar, and the supervision of Dr. Muhammad Ali Abdul-Ridha Afluk.

The study aims to diagnose prlaw1oblems, set solutions to submit them to the competent authorities, through provides economic feasibility and explains the legal means that supporting development and financing housing sector, and the most important laws related to housing directly or indirectly, in addition to setting legal plans and vision that concern in a statement of a legislative strategy that organizes all economic, financial and technical aspects to develop alternative plans to alleviate the housing crisis, and to clarify the legislative obstacles and gaps related to housing and housing unit in Iraq.

The researchers recommended to the reactivation of Revolutionary Command Council law No. 105 of 2000 regarding the formation of the development fund and providing appropriate support for the economic and social developments of the country, and providing government support by funding the fund and allocating an independent budget to it within the federal budget, take in consideration that these revenues are organized in coordination with the central government and the cooperation of local bodies in the governorates in general and the housing sector in particular.

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