University of Basrah publishes scientific book on Diatoms in the Wetlands of southern Iraq

diatomsDr. Maytham Abdullah Al-Shaheen, a lecturer at the College of Science in Basrah University, jointly with Dr. Adel Al-Handal from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, published a book on Diatoms in Wetlands in southern Iraq.

The book included a detailed description of (293) species attached with (652) high-resolution images of many diatoms (Algae), in addition to local taxonomic observations and environmental information.

The book aims to document the qualitative composition of diatoms and their environment in the two main water plants in southern Iraq, the marshes and the Shatt al-Arab.

Many species that have disappeared in recent years are also documented in this volume. Therefore, this work is also a documentary record of diatoms in the wetlands of southern Iraq over the past (15) years.

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