University of Basrah participates in the International Conference on Computer Science in China

acmDr. Zaid Amin Abdul Jabbar, a lecturer at the College of Education for Pure Sciences at Basrah University, participated in the third international conference for computer science and application engineering in Sanya – China, with his research entitled (An Effective and Safe System for Dynamic Shared Data in the Cloud) It is a joint research for several researchers at the college and other universities and has been published within the scientific publishing house ACM.
The research included researchers' suggestions for many data integration techniques to secure data storage in Cloud Storage, and most of these schemes assume that only the data owner can modify the storage in the cloud in recent years, it can also allow researchers who use data to modify their data stored in the graphic cloud, these attempts are impractical due to the high costs of processing cloud data.
The research aims to use the proposed scheme to use the public key cryptogaphy which is equipped with proxyre-encryption and the cryptographic hash function. The proposed model allows an external auditor (TPA) to perform data pre-processing for cloud users before uploading this data to CSP providers Then we investigate data integrity We also allow TPA to perform data re-encryption to share data without losing privacy.
The research found that the proposed model has several important features, such as key management, privacy, low-cost calculation, key exchange, reducing customer burdens and generating a one-time-key, and it was noticed through application experiences that the proposed scheme is effective and capable of development.

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