University of Basrah organizes a conference of Culture and Arts in Crises Time

CrisisThe Cultural Center at Basrah University organized the first scientific conference entitled Culture and Arts in Crisis Time, with the participation of researchers from various Iraqi universities.
The conference, on the theme (Culture brings us together and seeks peace), aims to rely on culture and art as two essential tools to dismantle crises and conflicts and to propose solutions and provide accurate scientific and objective reading of crises.
The conference included the discussion of (30) scientific research in four axes, the first axis dealt with the dualism of culture and art, me and the other, the second axis concern with art and the challenge of taboo, while the third axis covered visions of academic research for the future after the crisis, the fourth axis highlighted the art and culture of the Diaspora.
Participants in the conference called for mechanisms to document artistic and cultural creativity produced by the protest movement in October, establish a societal culture that opens up to the other, as well as maintain a spirit of dialogue and communication between cultural and literary parties at home and abroad and document the artistic and literary heritage of Iraq in general.
Dr. Saad Shaheen Hammadi, President of Basrah University, said that our university from its academic lesson stations and classroom opens its doors to the community and the people to make scientific research language contribute to building a new Iraq.

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