Basrah University publishes scientific research in Genetic Evolution journal within Scopus and Clarivate indexes

GavisomaProfessor Majid Abdulaziz Bennai and Assistant Professor Issa Taha Muhammad, researchers at Marine Science Center at Basrah University, published scientific research entitled Characterization of the Complete Genome of Mitochondria of the Spinal Parasite Head Gavisoma Magnum, First Representative of the Genetic Family and its Genetic Effects in Evolution.

Through international cooperation with researchers from China and Pakistan, and the support of four international scientific institutions to accomplish it at the Institute for Genetic Research in China, the research was published in the Journal of Infection, Genetic Evolution.

The research aims to track the evolutionary history of a group of headworms and create a new database for them.

The results of the research recorded two new types of genes and recorded about (36) genetic ranks, highlighting for the first time in the world the full genome of (Mitochondria Mt) and its importance in the evolutionary chain.

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