Basrah University inaugurates planting the first collection of mangrove

mangroveMarine Sciences Center at Basrah University cultivated the first mangrove seedlings along the western breakwater, within the coasts overlooking the ports of Khor Abdullah and the Great Faw.

The experiment carried out by the scientific team formed of Dr. Ayman Abdul Latif and researcher Jihad Makki aims at protecting the Iraqi coasts from the phenomenon of drift resulting from many environmental factors, including the strong water currents.

The experiment included planting about (80) seedlings of mangroves, where the branches of these trees provide abundant food for fish, especially shrimps, as well as their ability to reduce the proportion of carbon dioxide in the air by a rate of (6) times the amount reduced by abundant forests as it is a refuge for endemic waterfowl Immigration and a tourist investment opportunity because of the amazing view these trees have.

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