Basrah University issues a book about Parasite Epidemiology

ParasiteDr. Ghazi Yaqoub Al-Emara, lecturer in Veterinary Medicine College at Basrah University, published the first part of a book entitled Parasites Epidemiology.

The book consists of (60) pages divided into five chapters. Chapter1 examines the definition of Epidemiology and Parasitology and Chapter 2 highlights parasitic diseases and classifies them. Chapter 3 addresses the epidemic of parasitic diseases. Chapter 4 talks about common parasitic diseases and their classification in a simplified and understandable manner. Chapter 5 emphasized research into parasite epidemics.

The book aims at introducing Epidemiology and its relationship with parasites, identifying factors that help spread and occur disease, author's experience helped in applying Epidemiology to study parasite Epidemiology.

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