Basrah University organizes a scientific lecture on the effect of fishing effort on Iraqi fishing sector


Marine Sciences Center at Basrah University organized a scientific lecture on the impact of fishing efforts on the fishing sector in Iraqi marine waters with the participation of researchers and experts in the field of fish farming.

The lecture aims at demonstrating the importance of fish wealth as a natural resource, which is an important income and economic consumption for large sectors of society.

The lecture presented by the researcher Uday Mohammad Hassan included a presentation of evidence and statistics about the fishing efforts and linking them to estimating the size of the fish groups spread in the Arab Gulf waters, as fisheries in the Iraqi marine waters are numerous, however, they are almost limited to one type of means, namely, craft based on boats and nets.


The lecture called upon amending fishing regulations and laws, especially the Maritime Fishing Regulation Law No. 48 of 1976, In accordance with current requirements and serving Iraqi coasts development by reviewing the numbers and types of fishing boat workers, catches and reproductive seasons restrictions.

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