History of Basrah University

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Basrah University was established in 1964 as a final and inevitable result for the expanding that occurred within Higher Education and Scientific Research fields at the country to meet southern areas and Arabic gulf needs for working efforts, technical and administrative staff.

 The studies started on that same year, within its four colleges (Arts, Law, Engineering, and Science). Arabic Language department, at the College of Arts, was the first department to be opening its studying doors according to the article (8) that issued on the first of April in 1967 where the university accomplished its special moral personality which was distinguished by its full independence from Baghdad University to become a high civilized edifice. Basrah University had witnessed a significant expanding according to the needs and requirements of the local and regional society until it implied eighteen scientific colleges and sixteen scientific research centers and services centers. The colleges of the University were distributed on four main areas which are The Presidency office of Basrah University which is located at Shat Al-Arab Corniche area, Karmat Ali area, Bab-AlZubair area, and Al-Bradiaa & Al-Talimi Hospital area. There are also a number of dormitories to sooth the settlement of the students that came from other provinces or districts area.

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