University President's Briefing

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First of all, I would like to express my deep gratitude and greetings to all staff members and students of our university on the 52nd anniversary of its foundation. On this occasion, we should all remember the old generation of staff who had contributed to the remarkable and success of this institution.  One of the most important achievements was the graduation of hundred thousands of students in all branches of knowledge, those graduates have played a vital role in the development of our society and our country. Some has recorded significant contributions in both research and teaching activities. At the same time, we should inspire from the renowned past history, the determination to continue the progress of our university despite challenges and difficulties that affect the essence of its improvement in the past.

The university is now rising up again by the efforts of its teaching and administrative staff and students to achieve high rank among world universities. Basrah university aimed at opening channels of participation and knowledge exchange with the well-known institutes inside Iraq and around the world. It has also paid attention to social accountability and human development to complete its role as a vital player in driving community awareness towards the sustainable development of our country.

May Almighty "Allah" bless us with success and rightness.

Prof. Dr. Sajid S Hasan


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