University Board Members

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University Senate Members

NoFull NamePosition

1Prof. Dr. Thamer Ahmed HamdanChancellor

2Prof. Dr. Sajid Sa’ad Hassan Al-NourVice Chancellor for Administrative Affairs

3Prof. Dr. Shaker Abdul-Salem Ni’maVice Chancellor for Scientific Affairs

4Prof. Dr. Majeed Hameed Jassim Al-MohammedDean of the College of Arts

5Prof. Dr. Falhi Abdel-Hassan Ali Al-QatraniDean of the College of Sciences

6Professor Dr. Rabee’ Hashem ThijeelDean of the College of Engineering

7Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Mhouder JaberDean of the College of Medicine

8Prof. Dr. Nowfal Abdul-Ameer HusseinDean of the College of Agriculture

9Assist. Prof. Dr. Yousef Ali Abid MsharyDean of the College of Management and Economics

10Prof. Dr. Hussein Odeh Hashim KhalafDean of the College of Education for Humanities

11Prof. Dr. Nuri Hussein NoorDean of the College of Education for Pure Sciences

12Prof. Dr. Muntadhar Majeed AliDean of the College of Physical Education

13Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ali Abdul Ridha AfloukDean of the Colege of Law and Politics

14Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali Al-HamadaniDean of the College of Fine Arts

15 Prof. Dr. Ghazi Yaqub AzalDean of the College of Veterinary Medicine

16Assist. Prof. Dr. Amal Abdul Razzaq Na’eem Al-MansouriDean of the College of Education for Girls

17Assist. Prof. Dr. Riyadh Ghassab Al-Ta’eeDean of the College of Dentistry

18Assist. Prof. Dr. Na’il Hussain Ali Jassim Al-Nazzal Al-ObaidiDean of the College of Nursing

19Assist. Prof. Dr. Walid Abdul-Ridha JbailDean of the College of Education / Qurna

20Prof. Dr. Ali Abdul-Zahra Abdul-RasoulDirector General of the Marine Science Centre

21Prof. Dr. Talib Abdul-Samad ObaidDean of the College of Computer Science and Information Technology

22Prof. Dr. Narjis Abdul-Hassan ‘AjeelSecretary of the Senate

23Assist. Prof. Dr. Nadhim Ali ‘AbadiDirector of the Chancellor’s Office

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