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    The center was first established in 1975 at the old university site in Shatt Al-Arab district and was then equipped with a small HP computer, with a capacity of 16K and was used mainly to facilitate the research of the master's students, as well as, training the college students. In 1980, a contract was signed with the Japanese company NTIS to equip the center with Acos-800 computers as giant computers (MAINFRAME) to be used by all of the Postgraduate studies at the university as well as its lecturers in different disciplines.hasiba

    Due to the development of small computers and their potentials, the giant computers which are based on the Center's basic function was not enough and not modernized to meet the needs of the students research and therefore the deanship of the Faculty of Science and Department of Computer Science in 1997 has adopted the idea of moving the center to be with the Faculty of Science site.

    In 1998, the center was equipped with small computers (PENTIUME PC) then it was equipped with (PENTIUME1 and PENTIUME2) computers and used the establishment of new laboratories and restructured the Center and changed the work features from the laboratories of the computer terminal to personal computers. The Center and also adopted the burden of establishing computer proficiency tests with the computer terminal into personal laptops.


    The Center also adopted the burden of establishing computer proficiency tests with the confidence of the existing administration and providing travel expenses for postgraduate students to Baghdad for the purpose of participating in the relevant courses and performing tests at the International Computer Center. After that, the center took its first steps in transferring Internet handler into Basrah province and even the entire southern region after it was limited within the capital.

       In 2001, the University connected the first line of the Internet within Computing Center in cooperation with the General Company for Internet Services, and the first internet cafe in the cultural center of Basrah University under the management of computer center, the center is equipped with (PENTIUME3) Escort computers.

      In 2003, and as a result of the war, all the equipment and the contents of the center were destroyed and stolen. Then it started to rebuild itself and with very limited accesses, to establish the first free course for the members of Radio and Television in Basrah in 2004, and again offers its services to the university.

       In 2006, the work started with Cisco courses in order to award the international Cisco certification, and the University of Basrah and the Computer Center became a regional center for training and awarding international certificates. In 2007, the center became one of the online electronic library registration centers. The Center was also authorized to give the IC3 courses and to award the IC3 International Certificate from the British company CertiPort. The Center hopes to obtain the authorization of the international ICDL Courses soon.




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