History of  University of Basrah

The University of Basrah was founded in 1964, as a final and inevitable  result  of the expansion that took place in the fields of higher education and scientific research in the country and to meet the need of the southern region and the Arabian Gulf  for potentials as well as technical and administrative  staffs and .

The study began in that year in four colleges (Arts, Law, Engineering and Science). The Department of Arabic Language in the College of Arts was  first to open for study under the law (8) on  the first of April 1967. The university  interpolated  its identity by complete  from Baghdad University to become a towering monument .

The University of Basrah has seen a significant expansion depending on the requirements and needs of the local  and even  regional community. It has eighteen scientific and humanitarian colleges and sixteen  scientific , research and service centers.

The colleges are distributed   at four campuses: the campus  of the presidency of the university located  on the Corniche of the Shatt al-Arab, Garmat Ali campus , Bab Al-Zubair  campus and  the teaching hospital at Bradhea district. The  university has  a number of dormitories for the accommodation of   students from outside the province and students from suburban districts.

رؤساء الجامعة

تعاقب على رئاسة جامعة البصرة مجموعة من الاساتذة هم :


1- أ.د.عبد الهادي محبوبة                      1/4/1964 – 24/8/1968


2-  أ.د.صادق الخياط                           تشرين الاول 1968 – تشرين الاول1969


3- أ.د. سعد عبد الباقي الراوي              4/10/1969 – 31/12/1969


4- أ.د. خليل حميد الطالب                    1/1/1970 – 4/4/1970


5- أ.د. نزار نظيف الشاوي                    5/4/1970 – 5/9/1975


6- أ.د. عبد الاله يوسف الخشاب            5/9/1975 – 5/12/1984


 7- أ.د. محمد مجيد السعيد                6/12/1984 – 20/3/1985


8- أ.د. داخل حسن جريو                    21/3/1985 – 5/2/1993


9- أ.د. اكرم محمد صبحي محمود         6/2/1993 – 30/8/2001


10- أ.د. محمد عبد العال امين النعيمي   1/9/2001 – 9/4/2003


 11- أ.د. سلمان داود سلمان              1/5/2003 – 11/9/2005


12- أ.د. علي عباس علوان                 11/9/2005 – 30/10/2009


13- أ.د. صالح اسماعيل نجم الكرناوي    1/11/2009 – 27/6/2012  


14-أ.د. ثامر احمد حمدان                  27/6/2012 – ولحد الان