Application of Blended Education The Electronic Platform College
- Let's Learn, Google Classroom College of Computer Science and Information Technology
- Google Classroom College of Education for Human Sciences
According to the recommendations of the Deans’ Committee for the Colleges of Fine Arts, attendance basic lessons have been approved, divided into 3 days during the week for 4-5 lessons according to the stages, determined by an attendance schedule, and the rest of the lessons are electronic, determined by an electronic schedule. Google Classroom College of Fine Arts
Simultaneous education / live video lectures Google Classroom College of Administration and Economics / Qurna
Let's Learn platform is used to upload lectures and Zoom platform for synchronous and interactive lectures. The College of Medicine also uses Google services, including Google Classroom, Google Group, Google Form and other Google services that help interactive education and communication with students. Let's Learn, Google Classroom Al-Zahraa College of Medicine
The basic lessons are attendance for 3 days a week for each stage, and the non-basic lessons are electronic. Laboratories and practical lessons are attendance. Google Classroom College of Engineering
Attendance education for basic subjects, with two subjects for the first stage and three subjects for the rest of the stages, two days for each stage. Google Classroom College of Law
By teaching the basic subjects in attendance in the college classrooms and laboratories ... and through electronic teaching platforms for non-essential subjects and according to the percentages mentioned in the Ministry’s instructions. Google Classroom College of Marine Sciences
These basic subjects that will be in attendance are as follows: The first is anatomy, if available, dental anatomy, medical biology, medical chemistry, the second general anatomy, physiology, dental manufacturing, dental materials, third, treatment, dental manufacturing, oral surgery, microbiology, fourth, all subjects are basic except general medicine and general surgery, and the fifth is all basic subjects. The electronic lessons are as follows: the first is medical physics, computer, medical terms, the second is general tissues, oral tissues, the Committee for Freedom and Democracy, and the third is general diseases, community medicine, and medication. Google Classroom College of Dentistry
Basic subjects are attendance and non-basic subjects are electronic. Google Classroom College of Education for Pure Sciences
Two to three days attendance education for basic subjects, and the rest of the days via the electronic platform. Google Classroom College of Administration and Economics
In attendance for basic subjects, and electronic via Google Classroom for other subjects. Google Classroom College of Veterinary Medicine
Using interactive lectures and video lectures, using modern technologies and benefiting from them in attendance education, as well as using interactive electronic laboratory lectures and applying them in person. Google Classroom College of Science
Attendance and partially electronic. Google Classroom College of medicine
At the present time, the use of electronic platforms to give notes about the practical subjects and to complete the practical side in a presence in the laboratories in order to accommodate the huge numbers of students that are out of capacity. Let's Learn, Google Classroom College of Pharmacy